Thursday, 14 November 2013


Jumper - Ebay
Slip Dress (worn as skirt) - Vintage
Bag - Charity Shops
Boots - Dr Marten
Tights - Primark
Head Chain - Handmade
Necklace - Holiday Souveneir 
Watch - Michael Kors

So today I opted for something very easy and comfy, I was also feeling very vintage! I'm going to blame that on the autumnal weather, I don't know why but this wrap up coldness just makes me want to jump in to every charity or vintage shop and grab loads of old granny jumpers, old leathers or anything else they may have going! Anyhow the dress I'm wearing, as a skirt, actually used to belong to my Nan, she always had a large collection of petticoats and wore them under everything and this is one of them. So when I'm over I tend to search the house head to toe for little treats and I found this beaut in the summer and I love it, love the colour, the lace detail and even more the fact that my little Nanny C had such good taste. It also has amazing lace detailing on the top of it however It was bloody freezing when taking these pictures this morning I couldn't dare to even think about adjusting the position of my jumper! But trust me my Nan's old petticoat turned dress by the fantastic invention of a belt (Granny length needed a bit of working) is beautiful! Obviously I feel the dress is quite a stunning item in itself so I just dressed it down with a chunky jumper that I got off Ebay for a about £12 a couple of years ago. Here's one similar. It's a really easy, good, basic piece and I've had so much good wear out of it. I also teamed it with absolutely favourite things in the world, my black DM's and some laddered tights from Primark. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about the tights, I like them because they're something different but at the same time I just don't like how they look sometimes and I don't know why! Accessories wise I kept things gold and simple! I love the head chain I think it adds a little bit to any outfit and everyone loves an accessory that can do that! My friend actually made this one- he got the chain from a local haberdashery shop for around £3 and crafted it together himself which is a much cheaper option! And the bag is another little treasure I picked up in a charity shop and it serves me damn well for its size, never thought I'd be a backpack girl, always been one for big handbags, but this one's changed my ways.
So that's a little bit of detail on today's look and I really hope you enjoy it :)


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  2. I am loving your hair! the colour and the style