Tuesday, 21 January 2014


So the other day I had my work's Christmas party and it had a Great Gatsby theme. I myself am a huge fan of the novel but of course the 2013 film. I literally am in awe of the twenties era it absolutely dazzles me! So I took this opportunity to go full twenties and full Gatsby. And therefore this is my guide; HOW TO GATSBY.

But I'd just like to explain that I am by no means a make up artist or think of myself as some kind of make up genius. I just like to play around with what I have and have fun (I'm actually pretty useless). But it was fun doing this look so I thought I would share it.
For my base I use a Garnier BB cream just a light layer to start with then my foundation is MAC Mineralize (which I swear by). I apply it all with a foundation brush/
On my cheeks I used Benefit's High Beam (in heaps). I love love highlighting possibly my favourite thing in my make up bag. To make the base more twenties themed I added a load of blusher. I used my long lasting Benefit Coralista but as it was running low. I used a cheap one on top just for extra umpphh. I honestly felt so silly wearing blusher as I never do and if I do it would only ever be a tiny bit but you need blusher for Gatsby make up as my mother repetitively told me.

So in all seriousness, I am bloody useless at doing my eye make up but this was what I did/used anyway. I was informed that for Gatsby eyes are smokey and I do love a smokey eye so gave it a good shot. I always use my Urban Decay NAKED palette for this. There is no real technique I use I guess apart from Blend Blend Blend. I used a mix of DARKHOUSE, GUNMETAL AND VIRGIN from the palette and just got my trusty blending brush (I use one from a models own set) and this was created. I also put a little smigde of DARKHORSE under my eyes instead of eye liner.
I then added my Liquid liner. At the time I think I was using a maybelline one which I am not very fond of usually I'd use the Soap and Glory CatEyes one or MAC's Penultimate Liquid eyeliner. Anyway technique wise it's all about the flick! I love a flick in my normal daily make up but definitely played it up more here. (this look is not a subtle one)
Mascara wise I used Maxfactor's False Lash Effect along with some very cheap falsies. Lastly; The Brows. I use Benefit's Browzings. I love it, it's so easy to use and VERY long lasting.

So at this point, I'll admit I am looking rather like a Drag Queen or Kat Slater on the pull but please hold on with me, it all ties in I promise!! I used a lip liner (one of Mum's ancient ones) and filled with a MAC lipstick (not sure what shade) with a lip brush.


My best friend is currently an apprentice hairdresser at Toni and Guy and he did this beautiful style for me. He is a hair styling prodigy. I'm afraid I do not know the technicalities of what he did but I can tell you he curled my hair until it was look like Medusa's with normal tongs, brushed it out really carefully and pinned it with about 1000 pins.

The hair piece I'm wearing belonged to my Nan and is actually a necklace just clipped in at the back.
So pleased with how it all turned out!


Picture's are a bit poor I'm afraid as by this point I was in a total rush to get going!


I spent forever looking for a dress for this occasion and am so glad I went for something more simple. Missguided came through with the goods for an amazing £25 plus they had a 15% discount on at the time!! The shoes were borrowed from a friend and the bag is one I had for my prom when I was 16 and all my jewellery belonged to my Nan. The only other thing I paid for was my little bit of fur which I found on Ebay for about £8, there's loads of listings on there still!

So yeah that's how I did 1920's Gatsby Glamour and I loved it! Hope you all enjoy, will probably post a LOOKBOOK later too.

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